About This Copy Protect Web Pages Site

The purpose of this copy protect site is to educate those in need of protection of their intellectual property and livelihood, and the best methods for doing so. It is also our intention to highlight the fact that those in the copy protection industry are some of the worst plagiarizing monkey-brains that one will ever come across. From stealing product information and keywords to spamming for SEO backlinks and falsely advertising products that do not deliver what they promise, those charlatans will stop at nothing to draw attention to their own worthless offerings even when they do not have solutions that can do what they claim.

How do we know?

Because we have been researching and developing methods for copy protection since a time when no such thing existed. That's right, long before any of the charlatans who claim to have been established a long time before they actually started plagiarizing. And they all refer to themselves as "the leading developer"!

But if you don't believe us, then do a web search on "copy protect web site" and see those on the first page, most of which do NOT have any solution for protecting anything on a web page. So how do they get to the first page of search results? Mainly by spamming the web for SEO backlinks. By purchasing 1,000 backlinks at a time for the sake of getting any sort of backlink. And by posting to blog and news sites with articles based on information that they borrow from their competitors and Wikipedia.

Another new ploy, thanks to more Google stupidity, is getting 5 star ratings by using multiple accounts/aliases and VPN or TOR connections to vote for their own products. In reality no-one bothers to vote, so by voting for themselves they can easily get 5 stars, which of course silly Google considers a plus for ranking power.

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