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Copy Protection For Your Web Pages

As you have seen on the previous page, there are a lot of avenues to close before thinking about "copy protection". However one can only do what they can within the limitations of the individual scenario. For example, if your web site is hosted on a shared hosting server and your access is restricted to the root level of your web site, then all you can use is a solution that actions in the web browser invoked from your web page, and in that instance we recommend using CopySafe Web Protection which will run from any web page.

But if your web site is hosted on a dedicated or virtual server where you have access to the server's root level to install software, then you can use the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) which will provide copy protection from all avenues and methods of save and copy. Today, virtual servers can be rented form as little as $10/month.

If you are wondering how copy protection will affect your SEO and will visitors be able to view protected pages in all browsers and on all devices, first realize that popular web browsers can no longer support real copy protection since they dropped support for NPAPI browser plugins in favor of simple apps for mobile phones. Such apps are based on HTML and JavaScript which is useless for interacting at system level which is where copy prevention needs to be actioned.

To view properly protected web content there is only one web browser that can be used and that is the ArtisBrowser. ArtisBrowser looks and feels just like a normal web browser until it encounters copy protected pages and then it switches to copy protect mode. The other browsers dropping support for NPAPI plugins is actually a blessing for copy protected webs because now site owners cannot make the mistake of allowing access to web browsers that were always designed to evade copy protection methods and harvest web media.

CopySafe Web Protection

CopySafe Web can be used on any web page hosted anywhere. CopySafe Web is the perfect solution for image protection because encrypted images are also safe on the web server, safe from company staff and your webmaster. When the Copysafe Web image loads it activates the Copysafe Web browser plugin to prevent all copy including PrintScreen and screen capture. Software licensing is economical and comes with free support and upgrades for life. Click for more information on CopySafe Web Protection.

The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)

ASPS utilizes a server filter that encrypts web pages on demand so that only the ArtisBrowser can display them, and while doing so, the ArtisBrowser switches from friendly mode to copy protect mode in which nothing can be copied by any means. When SSL is used on the web site, the secure tunnel between server and browser cannot be exploited and no data can be extracted, even with the use of packet sniffers. Nor can data be extracted from browser cache or memory.

With ASPS you don't have to protect the whole site. In fact it is best to leave doorway pages open to the public and search engines. Then the pages that you want to protect can be tagged. ASPS triggers when it finds custom meta-tags in the head of a page. Those meta-tags tell ASPS that the page should be protected and what level of protection to apply. Meta-tags can be added manually, or if using a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Moodle, you can use a Tag Management plugin to nominate which pages are tagged. The plugin will then apply the meta=tags dynamically (on-the-fly) by injecting them into the nominated web page as and when needed.

The ASPS solution is well designed throughout and most sophisticated. Having been in service for more than ten years and developed by the leading developer (and inventor) of copy protection, it is as what one would expect... a dream come true.

Click for more information about the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS).


While the ASPS server filter can be installed on all types of web servers including Linux and Windows, the ArtisBrowser is a Windows web browser. Other OS, especially those used by mobile phones and other amusement devices, are not supported because they are unstable, too easily exploited, and lack support for what is required to properly copy protect anything.


ASPS is a no-nonsense copy protect solution that makes no compromises and thus leaves no holes open for exploit. For corporate networks and other mission critical scenarios, you have the most secure copy protection for web pages on the planet. It cannot be more secure!


ArtistScope also provide the most secure solutions for CopySafe PDF Protection and CopySafe Video Protection.

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